We wanted to enable people to use Winmore on-the-go. Having an app would also be a great selling point when pitching Winmore to potential customers.

Our desktop app has mainly a 3 column layout: the main navigation, sub navigation, and content. One of the challenges was figuring out how to navigate between those sections. We created the navigation pattern shown in the image below so that the user can easily access all columns.

All of our UI components, such as buttons and lists, are already responsive and were able to adapt to a mobile screen with ease. Due to time and resource constraints, we had to prioritize which features of our desktop app we could include in the mobile app. We decided to not prioritize admin tools, as most would want to set up their organization on desktop. We included the Workflows feature, our main value proposition, in the app. We also included Agenda to allow the user to know what was coming up.

Users are now able to use Winmore on-the-go. Sales reps especially benefited from this because they could log Activities straight from the app.

Mobile App

We wanted to create a mobile iOS and Android app that would contain the majority of Winmore’s desktop app features.

Product Designer
Time Frame
1 month

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