I founded, designed, and coded an online magazine called Re(de)fining Magazine, a magazine by and for young women. Frustrated with magazines that objectify women, Re(de)fining Magazine serves to be an alternative option. We promote diversity of beauty, entrepreneurship & leadership of women, and celebration of creative works. You can view the website live at www.redefiningmag.com and our first issue here http://www.redefiningmag.com/issue-one-belonging. I recruited and led a team of 6 women. The magazine has about 50,000 page views and 25,000 unique visitors.

I conducted preliminary user research to glean insights about what other women in my age group wanted to see in a magazine. I asked a few young women questions about the following magazines: Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Rookie Mag, Oh Comely, and Kinfolk. Some expressed frustration with the superficiality of a couple of the magazines.

Based on the research, I began to think about and organize what sort of content would be on the magazine.

I created a digital wireframe to finesse my ideas. (It was originally titled Quirk.)

I then created the logo and branding.

I coded the magazine from scratch. The magazine was launched in the summer of 2015 and it 3,860 page views within the first 36 hours of its launch.

Re(de)fining Magazine

I founded, designed, and coded an online magazine for young women.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Developer, UX
Time Frame
1 month design, 1 month development
Re(de)fining Magazine

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